What is Yuru?

With Yuru, you can schedule an appointment to meet with a therapist right from your webcam. Take control of
your mental health without having to worry about waiting rooms or travel time.


Don't worry about fighting traffic or finding a babysitter. With Yuru, you can see your therapist from the convenience of your own home.


Privacy is one of Yuru's top priorities. Our system is completely HIPAA-compliant to keep your information safe.


With only an internet connection and a webcam, you are able to access your therapist on Yuru's live video platform.


Using Yuru is completely free for clients. We collect a monthly subscription fee from therapists that covers our operating and development costs.

Our Platform

Yuru is dedicated to providing convenient, reliable live-video connection services for therapists and their clients. Our easy-to-use website gives clients the flexibility to see their therapist wherever they are most comfortable.

HIPAA Compliant

At Yuru, we value our users' privacy. We have designed our website to be 100% HIPAA-compliant by using the maximum SSL encryption allowable by law. This means that your personal information will never be shared with outside 3rd parties and your video sessions will never be recorded. Additionally, the program itself is protected with heightened encryption protection in order to keep your information safe from others.

What Our Users Say

"I was traveling over 100 miles to see my therapist in person. With Yuru, I am able to see my therapist face-to-face without the travel time. This gives me the time to focus on other parts of my life that are just as important, like spending time with my grandkids." -Jeannie K., Client

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