Why You'll Love Yuru

Easy to Use

We want you to have access to your therapist whenever, or wherever, you need it. That is why a streamlined, easy-to-use system was one of Yuru's highest priorities during development.

Choose your Therapist

Since you are not limited to only therapists in your area, you can find your perfect therapist within Yuru's network of therapists, no matter your location.

Saves Time

With Yuru, you are able to cut out time wasted in traffic and waiting rooms. This frees up your schedule for other important activities, like family time.


Yuru knows how important your personal information is to you. We have implemented the maximum encryption allowable by law in order to protect your privacy.


Available research supports the use of tele-mental health applications like Yuru to be just as effective as traditional in-person visits.

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