Alena Scigliano

Licensed Professional Counselor

Alena Scigliano
Areas of Specialty:
  •  Couples Therapy
  •  Relationship Counseling
  •  Marriage Counseling
  •  Parenting Growth
  •  Spirituality
Practice Areas:
  • Virginia

Hourly Rate:
$ 100.00
Cancellation Policy:
No fee if canceled within 24 hrs
Cancellation Fee:
$ 30.00
For those of you who garden, you understand the importance of pulling a weed out by its roots; otherwise, it will keep coming back. Many counseling issues are like weeds. I value taking the time necessary to explore your past and determine together the root causes of your issues. At the same time, it's important to make this process efficient and effective. We'll work towards healing, as well as functioning without the need for therapy, in a timely manner.
My principal specialties are Couples Counseling, Communication & Relationship Counseling, Self-Concept Improvement & Personal Growth, as well as Teenager Development & Support.
If you think that I might be the right counselor for you to try therapy, please take a look at my website, You'll find details from scheduling your first session to insurance information to some extra details about who I am as a counselor. Feel free to call or text me as well if you have questions!

Availability will need to be checked and sessions scheduled through my private client portal.  New patients will receive policy and new patient forms electronically, through the client portal.  This can be accessed by going to my website and clicking "check availability" or "schedule an appointment",

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